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How to start earning?
The Internet has always been the ability to earn, and everyone who wishes. Usually it - viewing advertising, mail, clicks and surfing. As well as various stock exchanges and investment projects. All these types of earnings work with Bitcoin, which is very convenient, because you do not have to register at the request of one of the e-wallet, to provide any personal data, wait for approval from the system of electronic wallets, etc.

With Bitcoin you only need to register a wallet in a matter of minutes and start earning.

Where to get Bitcoin wallet?

It's simple. We recommend to register online wallet . Multilingual service, so there should be no difficulties.

1. In the top menu, select "Wallet"
2. Click on the "Create My Free Wallet"
3. Enter your real email address and password. Password come up with a rather complicated and write it in different places.
4. Be sure to save the mnemonic phrase in both electronic and in written form. Without it, it is impossible to restore access to the wallet.
5. Click on the link sent to you in the mail to activate wallet.
6. Write down and save yourself the identifier is for it to be carried out by the entrance to the wallet.

To enter, press the top of the "Wallet". Enter your ID and password. After logging in you will see the bottom of the page the address BTC-wallet type 1EW4MAuExj7gS5kSFi4Kdss4TmoYriVpax . Typically, the address consists of 34 symbols and starting with "1".
As mentioned above, the types of earnings in the Internet a lot. The hardest thing to earn your first Bitcoins. At first, there are difficulties, as many strangers scares and makes penetrate. But once you have mastered all seem so simple and small. Typically, on our website beginners their first Bitcoin earn for several months, and it is 250-300 dollars (and sometimes Bitcoin equal 400+).

Exchange rate you can always look at our website, on the left below the menu.

On our site you'll now have to start earning, go to the desired section, for example, BTC (LTC, XDG, DASH) and start collecting Satoshi (coin of Bitcoin) with the so-called faucets (sites that give some amount of Satoshi) by entering your e-wallet and Captcha code.

In the future, you can earn even more thanks to our referral system.