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Help. Questions and Answers
Rotator. The faucet navigation bar

When you move to the section, for example BTC (LTC, XDG, DASH), you will see the faucet navigation bar.
Let's look at what it means to each member of the panel.

Navigation Panel
1. Site Screenshot
2. Details of the site. Gray badge - type of captcha; Blue - microwallet type, which temporarily save your rewards; red - faucet contains a redirect, pop-ups or does not pay; Orange - requires registration; green - faucet recommended by administration; dark gray - wait in seconds before reward
3. The name of the site, when you click it will be opened in a new tab
4. Site reviews and details
5. Information about the faucet, how much it pay and frequency of payments
6. This block informs you how much is still left to visit the sites, as well as about the total number of Satoshi to collect
7. If the site is not paid or is not working, you can inform the administration. Also, by pressing this button you can notify the administration if the site has already paid or start working again. You can also send a request to the administration of the correction data of the faucet. Thanks to your informing, all faucets with relevant information. Among other assignments this button, you can specify the time after which you are ready to visit the site again.
8. Add/Remove the faucet from the your own list of individual sites. Very comfortably.
9. You need the wallet address? Click to copy it to the clipboard to paste into the faucet
10. Update the current site
11. Go to the faucet list, where you came from. Current faucet will be marked as visited and timer will be set
12. Go to the home of our website. Current faucet will be marked as visited and timer will be set
13. Visit the following faucet in the list. This button is duplicated on the right to the full height of the screen for faster navigation

FAQ. Questions and Answers
  • What is Bitcoin-, Litecoin- or Dogecoin-faucet? This is a site that gives you free cryptocurrency after a certain time interval. In order to raise the currency you need to enter captcha (image code, etc.) and on some sites your e-wallet. In the majority of faucets in our rotator your e-wallet is entered automatically.
  • How to register on your site? It's very simple. Enter your e-wallet (preferably Bitcoin address), and you are already logged in! You can immediately start gathering cryptocurrency!
  • Why should I use your site? In the Internet every day there are more and more faucets, handing out free Bitcoin. And that number is growing. On our site you do not need to look for faucets and spend this precious time. You need only one site - All work on finding and testing of faucets we perform.
    Our advantages:
    - Our site contains the largest catalog of faucets that is unparalleled in the Internet
    - Beautiful, comfortable and functional rotator. Functionality is constantly growing
    - On our website always up to date information on all faucets and it is not without the help of visitors of our rotator
    - If the faucet does not pay or does not work - it is removed from the list or marked with a special marker
    - You can personally take part in the notification of non-paying faucets
    - The profile settings get you more comfortable working with our rotator
    - You can leave the reviews of faucets
    - We have a referral program. In profile, you will find the referral link and additional information. With our referral program you will be able to increase your earnings from the faucets. One your referral link applies to all faucets without exception. All earnings from referrals belongs only to you!
  • What is captcha? Captcha - a protection against spambots. Basically it consists of a picture with the code or letters.
    To save your time, here are some tips for different types of captcha. For reCAPTCHA you can only enter one word that is difficult to read. Punctuation marks and special symbols can also be omitted. The captchas Solve Media is also possible to omit the signs. After solving the captcha Are You a Human wait a few seconds
  • Referral Program. What does it give for me? Referral Program - is an opportunity to earn extra income from your referrals users by your referral link. Referral link is in your profile. The more you put on the Internet your referral link, the more income you will receive. In our rotator your wallets, where required, is automatically substituted. You get 10% to 50% (depending on the faucet) reward your referral. View referral payouts you can on microwallet system with one or the other faucet works. For example, your referral FaucetBox contributions are marked as "Referal Payout". Similarly in other microwallet systems
  • Where can I see my balance? Our website - a tool for collecting cryptocurrency (faucet rotator, btc rotator), but not the place where to send your money. Balance You can look on the microwallet systems, which temporarily save your earnings to reduce the commission paid at your address. Links to microwallet systems can be found in your profile (FaucetBox, Microwallet, Paytoshi etc.)
  • I can't log in to the site. What can I do? First, check the correctness of the entered data: whether the address does not contain spaces or other characters; check your password, if you protect your account with password; be careful when entering the digits from the image. If you believe in the correctness of the data, but the sign is still not possible email us
  • I can't paste my wallet adress in the adress field on a faucet. What can I do? More and more faucets disable the ability to insert the wallet address from the context menu or make it impossible to autofill. In this case, use the key combination Ctrl + V. This combination is responsible for inserting data from the clipboard. To paste the address into the input box of problematic faucet copy your address to the clipboard, click on the input box and press Ctrl + V on the keyboard.
  • I forgot my password. What can I do? Use the form password recovery. Recover password you can only if you specify in the profile your email address. If you can not recover your password, please, email us
  • I have my own faucet. How to add to your rotator? Left under the menu there is a button "Add faucet". Add your faucet and after the approval of the administration of the faucet will be included in our faucet lists
  • I have a question. How can I write to you? For questions that are not in this section, please use the page feedback