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Browser Extension
Browser extension - this is a small addition that extends the functionality of the browser. In our case, we offer you our extension Button Enabler for the browser, which is a vocation to help and speed up the collection of the cryptocurrency. Extension works in a browsers based on the Chromium engine. Browsers such as: Chrome, Opera and others.

What is the work of extension?
Perhaps the most insidious that doing a faucet's owners - make a person wait for a few minutes before the reward or make him hopeless look carefully hidden buttons or other elements of the faucet. Fortunately, not all owners are ungrateful, but the majority of them.

Our extension partially solve this problem. Extension shows hidden buttons and makes available the buttons, which are disabled by timer. In that cases you have to wait a few minutes before you can press the button. With browser extension the buttons will be available, despite the fact that the timer has not yet expired. How it looks like you can see in the picture below:
Unfortunately, Google does not permit the installation of extensions which is not downloaded from the Google store. So Chrome browser's users have do the simple steps to use the extension. Owners of other browsers (Opera etc.) can install the extensions in easy way - just drag an extension pack to the browser window. The browser must be opened Page Extensions. Described in more detail below.

Installation for Chrome
Download our extension below. Extract the contents of the archive in a separate folder, for example, C:\Extensions\ButtonEnabler\*.*
Open the Chrome browser. Go to the Settings -> Extensions or type in the address bar chrome://extensions/ and press Enter. Check the box on the "Developer mode". There will be an additional function buttons. Then click on "Load unpacked extension ..." and select the previously created folder where you extracted the contents of the file extension. Click "OK". That's all, the extension was installed. Uncheck the "Developer mode" and close the tab. Start the rotator and enjoy the extension work. We hope it will facilitate your work, make it more comfortable and profitable.

Download the extension archive ~60 Kb (downloads: 2238)

Installation for Opera, etc.
Download our extension below. Open your browser. Go to the Settings -> Extensions. Drag the extension pack to the window and done installation. Close the browser settings tab. Start the rotator and enjoy the exptension work. We hope it will facilitate your work, make it more comfortable and profitable.

Download the extension pack ~60 Kb (downloads: 1582)